Regulations 2014/34/EU

The ATEX product regulations 2014/34/EU (inofficially also called ATEX 114 because of the relevant §114) contain rules for devices and protection systems, which are applied in area of potentially explosive atmosphere.

Check valves and Swing Check valves

All our check valves and swing check valves are compliant with ATEX product regulations. You can download the declaration of conformity on this page or on the download page.

PTFE-PFA Butterfly valves ChemFlyer | CST

Our butterfly valves series ChemFlyer | CST is available in ATEX compliant versions. In doing so, we distinguish from ATEX conformity towards inside of the pipe from ATEX conformity towards outside or both. Depending on the requirements special sealing materials or design adjustments will be necessary in order to disperse electrostatic charge.

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