ChemFlyer | CST Product History

Product history for our flagship, PTFE-lined butterfly valve, the ChemFlyer | CST

Version 2.3-2018 – "Think Pink"

Our all new company colours make sure the ChemFlyer | CST stands out from the crowd!

We’ve chosen the bold Traffic Purple to make our high-quality industrial valves instantly recognisable, whatever the environment.

ChemFlyer - Think Pink

Version 2.2-2016 – "Ruff Duty"

All new Duplex 1.4469/62 stem construction provides extra strength and security, allowing use under extreme conditions and leads towards conformity with PAS 1085.

ChemFlyer - Ruff Duty

Version 2.1-2015 – "Chameleon"

With 2 new variations of our stem connection, the ChemFlyer | CST can now work with a wide range of actuation devices to suit your requirements!

Now available in P2, P4 and D4.

ChemFlyer - Chameleon

Version 2.0-2011 – "Phoenix"

Our revamped, flagship PTFE lined butterfly valve!

Engineered using all-new methods of casting, moulding and finishing, the latest ChemFlyer | CST is available in a wider range of standards, with an extraordinary expected life span.

By improving our backups and sealing systems, we now provide TA-Luft certification for 4000 cycles at 200°C!

ChemFlyer - Phoenix (Pusher) ChemFlyer - Phoenix (Backup) ChemFlyer - Phoenix (Sealing System)

Version 1.2-2010 – "Economy"

With the introduction of a virgin PTFE option, to go alongside the existing modified PTFE, we are now able to offer you a wider choice when looking for the balance between price, quality and environmental requirements.

ChemFlyer - Economy

Version 1.0.2-2007 – "Handsome"

Our newly designed hand levers allow for much easier manual valve actuation, while also looking extremely handsome when mounted on our ChemFlyer | CST butterfly valves!

ChemFlyer - Handsome

Version 1.0.1-2002 – "Black Beauty"

For customers working in potentially explosive atmospheres, the new ATEX-compliant version of our ChemFlyer | CST butterfly valve with conductive modified PTFE liner offers you the security you need.

ChemFlyer - Black Beauty

Version 1.0-1996 – "Originator"

Introducing our new flagship product, the PTFE-lined ChemFlyer | CST butterfly valve.

Made in Switzerland to the highest standards, our specially designed liner reduces wear and tear, leading to a longer-lasting, more secure seal.

A modified PTFE liner ensures that the ChemFlyer | CST can securely handle aggressive media, such as chlorine gas, in a range of applications.

The maximised inner bore diameter also offers an optimised through-flow of media, reducing turbulence and minimising operational costs.

ChemFlyer - Originator